Wednesday, 4 March 2009

MARGARET: You're loving our boys!

One of the core values of the Royal Marines is 'Commando Humour', and that has been in abundant supply this past week as we watched Murray's friend list on Facebook climb to almost 2,000 and counting. After the obligatory "OMG, R U that guy off the telly, add me plz" messages on his wall and much ribbing about how he was never going to be short of lady friends I had a closer look at the messages that were being left for him and realised that he was equally popular with the lads as he was with the ladies. It was evident that lots of his new 'friends' are young people who are looking for their own adventures and who want to take ownership of some adventurous projects. So this set the cogs in motion and we're currently coming up with a plan to offer a select group of young people the opportunity to become Team EPIC ambassadors and get more involved in what we're doing, with the ultimate goal of furnishing them with the skills to organise their own expeditions one day. And to keep the ladies happy watch this space for our 'win a date with Murray' competition.
Niall's popularity is also on the up. He now has TV presenting offers on the table from two production companies to present adventure and wildlife series on well known international channels. So he may soon be able to add the title of 'TV personality' to his growing repertoir of skills, although I'm not sure how much of a skill it is and would say it's main effect is in boosting his overly healthy ego. Whatever happens I know he will keep audiences amused. He definitely kept me amused when I shot a taster tape with him recently - the imitation of a pigeon masturbating was surely the highlight of my year, along with watching him prace around in not much more than his old hat brandishing a hunting knife. You can see him in action tomorrow night when he is giving a talk at the London Convocational Committee, tickets available at
Although not quite of the same standard you can catch my radio IV on ABC Northern Tasmania at 17.45 next Tuesday.