Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Murray: Day 13, 5th May

After a day of ultimate scrabble and book reading due to being pinned
in by severe winds, we woke to find a beautiful day, not breath of
wind and sheet ice - perfect. The temperature dropped to -20 during
the night, and then warmed to -18 when it came to packing up and
making a move. The day although very successful, in that we set
covered a new pb of 28.7 km, was riddled with a number murray
classics, starting with putting a metal clip in my mouth to free my
hands when packing up the pulks, which then stuck to my tongue, and a
mini tug of war ensued. 4 km in, and looking back to admire the
distance covered, I realised my thermos was missing, which is an ultra
important bit of kit due to limited supply and the fact it contains
3/4 of my days fluids, so a 4km dash back to recover was necessary.
The rest of the day went rather well, with conditions as pleasant as
could be. We just had some supper - chilli con carne, applied to
extremely dry cracked lips this caused a vibrant sting. on that note
i'd like to wish my cuz Dale luck on his first peaks mission, and
massive thanks to doms charity contribution in sport, its cracking to
have support of the community. Our position today is N66 25.576 W42
33.235, elevation 2374m

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