Saturday, 2 May 2009


“Don’t forget to take time out and view the fantastic scenery”, Niall shouts back to me. Me, a man who has 95% of his goggles duct taped up and the other 5% steamed up. We jump out of the tent today to a refreshing -16ºC with about a 15-18knot wind, making getting out of bed seem an unbearable idea. However what was more unbearable was the fact that phantom polar elephants had snuck into our pulks the previous evening, making the pulks seem twice as heavy as they should. Even Niall’s ….. mark of 2,000 couldn’t….. The proof of this was in the ground covered during the day – a mere 14km from the 8hrs of continuous pulling. Niall has proved an excellent nurse over the past day and I am well on the road to recovery. So much so that I was able to catch a spectacular glimpse of the fantastic scenery as evening dawned and the roaring orange sun set. We are hunkered down. We can only hope the snow firms and we can get an awesome slide on.
PS I overheard Niall talking hygiene in the previous blog. You will be glad to know that I’ve decomissioned my t-shirt after 165hrs of use.
Our position is 66º11.011’N, 40º52.566’W and elevation 1978m
Muzzy and Nially signing off

N.B. I was unable to distinguish what Muzz was saying at one point so the above blog is missing part of a sentence.

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  1. Poor Murray.......can´t even see the wonderful scenery....hope he gets better soon..