Friday, 8 May 2009

Murray: Day 15, 7th May

First off I'm going to keep this short as its so cold my hands have
gone into spasm and i'm struggling to hold the phone. why so cold you
ask? because we're absolute ninjas and we're camped at the highest
point of our trip so far, 15 km past the summit of 2500m. Getting to
the summit is a great stepping stone on our voyage, both physically
and mentally. Only 280km til we get off this giant icecube - we're
going to push hard to get the miles in to achieve our goal. However
must be noted that most accidents happen on the descent, so don't
worry, we're going to be extra cautious and vigilant. hope you are all
well, and we'll update you when muscle control returns! Our position
is N66 35.657 W43 49.463, elevation 2471m

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